Call for Volunteer for Finance Committee

The Select Board seeks a qualified and interested individual from New Marlborough to fill a vacancy on the Finance Committee.   One member is needed to fill a vacant seat on this elected board to serve until the next Town Election at which time interested candidates will run for election.  Member must be registered to vote in New Marlborough in order to run for office.  The Finance Committee reviews all town budget submissions as well as approves appropriations from the Reserve Fund and line item transfers.  The Committee considers financial policies and issues relating to the financial health of the Town.  Meets on Thursday evenings frequently during budget season (January through April) and as needed the remainder of the year.  The current Chair is Beth Reynolds. Qualified residents who have an interest in serving on this committee are encouraged to send a short letter of interest to the Board in care of the Town Administrator at or PO Box 99, Mill River, MA  01244 by 3:00 p.m. on February 16.